In this cover, I took the songs basic chords and added a few substitutions and added the melody for a more complete representation. This style is called “chord-melody” as I’m plucking chords or sometimes simple root notes, while integrating the songs melody as well.


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  1. I Love this you are very good! could you please help me with this song ? brake it down for me?
    I left a commit on your video I run Facebook page called Surviving Appalachia!
    Surviving Appalachia
    1 second ago

    This is my dad favorite song also as a kid I listen to it with him a lot. So this is one of my favorite as well I have started playing guitar I still am a rookie. I have learned a lot last couple months. Would it be to much to ask if you could break this song down for me so I can play it for my dad. I really don’t know any where else to go so I can ask some one. I get my student loans in about 2 months I be willing to pay a littile. I also run a page called Suriviving Appalachia that had over 50,000 shares of content across the world. Also I do computer design and logos for people I be willing to make you some cool logos. Maybe I could advertise your videos for you! I be willing to do all 3 I have a passion for music. I am a very fast to learn anything I study but with a littlie help I feel I could really fly! thank you so much for you time and you are awesome in the clip. You are very good. Again Thank you for you time.

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