1. That’s What Tomorrow’s For

How will this heart of mine survive the hour?
Rain clouds fill my mind
With every thought, my shadows getting longer
The sun can be so unkind

Though the day falls, I rise again once more
That’s what tomorrow’s for

The final leaf will fall from Autumn’s gentle hand
I know it won’t be the same
And I keep quiet as the winter winds begin
Because sometimes they whisper my name

I’ll make it through if you’re waiting by the door
That’s what tomorrow’s for

I preserve a memory of each and every color
They make the spectrum of my soul
A touch of light prevails among the darkness
Shines even after you go

Today I’ve made it but I’m needing something more
That’s what tomorrow’s for

I will know for certain when tomorrow has arrived
It’s when I can breathe again
Yesterday’s long gone, today has left me
When will tomorrow be here?

But I will remember to water all your roses
Because they bring me to life
And I will learn to say hello to tomorrow
And goodbye to yesterdays strife

I live today to find what the next day has in store
That’s what tomorrow’s for

2. The Girl With The World Revolving Around Her Head

I knew a girl who thought the world revolved around her head
What else more could I do
I’m just a person on that world revolving around her head
But she doesn’t have a clue

And in this world the winters always last forever
Appearances by the sun are rare
No need to tend her menthol cigarette garden
Or her vineyards of despair

She’s the girl with the world…
The girl with the world…
Revolving around her head

And here the pharmacists don’t need to see perscriptions
There are no judges that reside
It’s a world in which most everything’s forgiven
Circumstance is by your side

I’ve had enough, I’ll raise the red flag of surrender
And the grey flag of regret
It’s time to leave these grounds – the grounds on which she governs
Before she makes me vice-president


3. He Is One Among Us Here
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Sixteen men on the devils trail
The cross their hearts and go into the mist
And they’ll search all night but they’re bound to fail
To find someone who may not exist

His business card has a razor’s edge
His handshake pulls you towards the edge
He is one among us here

Pitchfork lightning split the sky
They swear they saw a sinners silhouette
And if you know the truth then you can spot the lie
But can you live a lie that you won’t regret

The wind picks up as you set sail
You’re pulling on the lions tail
He is one among us here

The night falls hard as they make their way
Through the bloody stream into the gates of hell
But hold on now, you’ve been led astray
Somebody knows but they’ll never tell

The one you want lives not below
You’re telling me you didn’t know?
He is one among us here

Deception flowing through the night
Your mind plays tricks, you don’t want to play
Your sense of reason isn’t right
Your sanity begins to fly away

You try to catch it but you slip
Now he’s the captain of your ship
He is one among us here

4. St. Patrick’s Day
[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/clutter424/st-patricks-day”]
The green river flows, as it carries the winter away
The skyline finally comes to life and the warmth is here to stay
The street musicians perform tonight, for coins into their cup
Bartender – fill me up

Tonight we are part of the city, with its traffic and people and infinite lights
And the burdens that can break us, are left outside tonight
The patrons are singing to “Danny Boy” as one man hides a tear
Bartender – over here

We’ll find some truth , on St. Patrick’s Day
Before we call it a night
We’ll find the proof, on St. Patrick’s Day
Before they turn on the lights
We’ll make it right

January hit us hard, and February attacked
But tonight we’ve found our spirit here and we’ve come to take it back
So raise your glass to the newlyweds, and the ones we adore
Bartender – one more

We drink to those who’ve seen everything, remembering those who’ve passed
And we celebrate the newborn child, time goes by so fast
Before the last drop leaves my glass, before the keg runs dry
Let’s drink to you and I


5. Waiting On The Day

The soldier’s aim and fire away
We’re looking for a brighter day
Soon this place will be behind you

And we’re waiting
For the morning star
And we’re waiting
Waiting on the day when love will rule the world

I’ll set you free, you’ve paid the price
So go on home to paradise
And see the things that you’ve been missing

And we’re waiting
For a savior to come
Keep on waiting
Waiting on the day when love will rule the world

One day I’ll see the skies come together
One day I’ll see the birth of the new way
One day I’ll see the light of tomorrow
One day I’ll see everything

6. Mountaineer
[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/clutter424/mountaineer”]
Take me away from this less-than-sacred land
The fire grows faster everyday
I don’t like urban strife, with suburban contentment
And as that flame between them burns, no one seems too concerned

I think I’ll go search for some higher ground
Some place much different from here
I know someone you can really look up to
The man of all men – the mountaineer

Mountaineer – you’re all right

No need for mail, just a messenger falcon
He’s my friend, my companion, and my pet
And I’ll tell the time by the position of the sun
Cook over an open flame, bathe in the pouring rain

The midnight coyote howls a lullabye
And the morning dove wakes me from where I lie
I’ll greet everyday with a whole new perspective
The wise and the strong – the mountaineer


No need to keep a gun
I’ll have no luxuries but one
The comforting glow of a kerosene lantern
Burns away nice and clean
Cheaper than gasoline
Come see the view from up here

It’s time to say goodbye to this land that’s been forsaken
And the gardens of despair
If you want to change the quality of you’re lifestyle
Rise and become the mountaineer


7. I Know A Place

I know a place where I can go to
Where I can leave behind the world that I knew
And you can come along

I’m leaving when I pack this suitcase
And soon I’ll be standing in a new place
And you can stand with me

We’ll walk on sands as golden as the sun
We’ll find a spot and then we’ll have some fun
We’ll gather up some shells and sing and shout
We’re gonna let it all hang, let it all hang out

I see the swaying palms in motion
And I hear the singing of the ocean
And you can hear it too

I sleep before the moon is taken
And I dream as soon as I’m awaken
And you can dream with me

We’ll ride a seahorse to the oceans end
We’ll take a nap and do it all again
The dolphins show us what it’s all about
We’re gonna let it all hang, let it all hang out

The sun will set, through salt rimmed glasses
It doesn’t matter what the time is
It’s like a hint of lime in a nursery rhyme
We’ll savor every moment ‘till the sun brings in the brand new day

I know a place where I can go to
Where I can leave behind the world that I knew
And you can come with me

We’ll build a castle taller than the sky
And at the top we’ll watch the seagulls fly
When we come down, we’ll surely have no doubt
We’re gonna let it all hand, let it all hang out

8. Light Up The Night
[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/clutter424/light-up-the-night”]
On a fascinating night
The universe comes out to play
My senses taking in the sight and the fragrance

My mind is sleeping but my mind is wide awake
If she were here beside me
We’d light up the night

The moon’s inviting me to stay
I rest underneath its light
She’s a thousand miles away, and getting farther

Maybe the shooting star she sees will make its way to me
And I sit back and watch it
Light up the night

At night I pray
That I’ll see her again someday
In my final words I say
Please bring her back to me

The constellations start to fight
But the planets keep the peace
We would ride our dreams at night to the sunrise

But when the wind blows hard, you can’t expect that all
Will be there tomorrow
So light up the night

9. Mary, I’m Leaving

I was a memory that faded away
In a town that I forgot
Then a girl named Mary, she asked me to stay
We were planning on tying the knot

Then fall led to winter and summer from spring
The nighttime outlasted the day
I knew from that moment what had to be done
So now, once again I will say…

Mary, I’m leaving
Can’t think of all the times I’ve used that line
Can’t think of all the ways I’ve used that phrase
Mary, I’m gone

You’ve got what’s yours, and you have what’s mine
But you wanted just a little more
I don’t mind you drinking all that wine
But why my last beer?


You kept alive a little lie
But I found out from those we used to know
Though you told me you were twenty-five
You’re seventeen


10. Kathleen

I can still remember all those faces from that day
And how none of them could let her slip away
She arrived here from a dream
She told me I could call her Kathleen

Stranded on an island bar stool living off the tap
The kind of place that isn’t on the map
Then some guy comes bursting in
And tells me that her heart belongs to him
It’s time to sink or swim

Go with him and get your thrill
A girl like you will get me killed
I won’t follow, I can’t – Kathleen

She smiled and turned away from him and lit a cigarette
Her blue eyes smoking with regret
Silence split the cloudy bar
As he reached out and grabbed her arm to leave

Another man comes storming in and gives the other guy a shove
He says “Kathleen, you’re the one I love”
Then a third guy takes a swing
“You’re married to me, where’s your ring?”
But who’s the real king


I got it all figured out
I got it all figured out now
Since I can’t go with you
Why don’t you come with me?

11. The Silent World
[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/clutter424/the-silent-world”]
Kids play under rotting rainbows
Only God knows where the winds blows
Doves are falling like drops of rain
The Revelations arrived

Step on my grave – I’ll be long gone
Burn your candle ‘till it fades
He’s brought it all to a conclusion
The silent world is made

Jagged branches of the dead trees
Cuts the skyline, sets the night free
The sun is blackened, morning dies
The moon is falling from the sky


The images won’t pass – not this time
You regress
The gods above will fast, in honor of
The eternal rest

The earth was screaming – it fell on deaf ears
Now a whisper can’t exist here
It was silent when it started
It’s a silent world again


Step on my grave – I’ll be long gone
Burn your candle ‘till it fades
Use the wax to seal the ending
The Silent World is made

12. Welcome To This World

It’s another day, but something good is happening here
I feel a new life, who’s heart is pure and true
You’re an angel that waits, if I open this gate
You’re an undiscovered pearl
Welcome to this world

It’s about the time for you and I to meet at last
Although I don’t know you, I know who you may be
You’ll laugh through the years, shed a few tears
And give your heart to a boy or a girl
Welcome to this world

As I’m waiting for this sunrise
The view of this world will forever change in my eyes
As I’m waiting for this sunrise
Before me I see that the moment’s begun
The horizon is now giving way to the sun
And it all come’s down to me

In a sun-lit dream lies a motive clearly seen
From this truth you’ll begin – you are not born into sin
Climb the ladder to the sky
Your vision goes beyond your eyes
From there you’ll see everything

May your heart keep you warm through the icy morning winter brings
Sleep under the clouds of springs restoring rain
There may be those nights where you can’t find the light
But you’ll never be alone
Welcome to your home


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