See how many artists/songs you can answer correctly out of the 60. But this has a word-puzzle quality to it – the artist/song is specifically linked to the song that is before it, and the artist that is after it by FIRST LETTER of the bands name/artist’s last name.

For example, this could be four songs in this order:

AC/DC – Back In Black
The Bee Gees – Stayin’ Alive
Bruce Springstein – Glory Days
The Grateful Dead – Truckin’

Back In Black links to The Bee Gees
Stayin’ Alive links to Bruce Springstein
Glory Days links to The Grateful Dead etc..

So if there’s a particular artist/song you don’t know, yet you know the song before it and/or the artist of the song after it, you’ll know the first letter of the artist/song that you’re struggling with.


– The timeline of the songs range from the 1950’s to today’s music.

– The genres include rock, pop, country, dance, singer-songwriter, and rap.

– All songs were big hits by major artists, or else very recognizable one-hit wonders.

– Songs from a movie or TV show, you need the actual name of the song. (Ex. The actual name of the MASH theme song is “Suicide Is Painless”. Use that title, rather than “MASH. theme song”)

– The word “The” doesn’t count as a first letter (as you saw above: The Bee Gees = B).

– For individual artists, the first letter of their LAST NAME is used (as you saw above: Bruce Springstein = S).

– For an band name like “The Dave Matthews Band”, it technically is the name of a band, not an individual artist. So “D” would be the letter taken from that.

– There are no repeated artists/songs. With that being said, a band and a solo artist that emerged from that band may both be used. (ex. You may encounter an Eric Clapton song as a solo artist, as well as a song by his old band “Cream”)

HINT: You can already eliminate some answers – all of the artists/songs used in the above examples are NOT used in “60 Songs In Around 6 Minutes”.

See the correct answers by clicking on the “60 songs in 6 Minutes” from the menu at the top.

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