Watched bits and pieces of the Grammys last night and caught quite a bit of the performances. Mick Jagger still has it. Bob Dylan still has it too, but for him I’m not sure what that “it” is.

I definitely see how a younger viewer who hasn’t been exposed to Dylan’s musical legacy could watch that performance of “Maggies Farm” and ask themselves, “What the hell was that?” In fact, I’d consider myself a pretty big fan, and I had to lightheartedly ask myself that same question. But I cannot help but love the guy even more during performances such as these. He is fully realizes that his legacy will always trump his age, and is determined to ride off into the sunset in the mannor of which he chooses.

Johnny Depp seemed to like it also – I never noticed how much he looks like John Mayer…

Rhianon on the radio is pretty good – but she didn’t do it for me last night. Eminem was definitely the standout and an perhaps put on the shows best performance.

I attempted to watch The Arcade Fire, but the strobe lighting gave me at least two seizures throughout the performance.

In-between the seizures, I would re-gain focus only to observe a bunch of kids riding around on bikes, a guy yelling through a megaphone, and an incredibly strange high pitched shrill being sung by the keyboardist. Not sure if this was real or not. Not sure if it was good or not either.

I didn’t catch the Lady Gaga performace, but I heard it was pretty routine. Hatched from and egg or something…

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